Ark. Is. Life.


To help myself deal with my various day to day issues, I play video games. This is not the most active/healthy coping skill, but it is mine and it works.

I play games like Anthem, and Ark Survival. Which the last one is sometimes  known as “Life” to the players who play. It gets me out  of my head. It causes me to focus on certain objectives and not the one inside my brain. 


Take the game Anthem for instance. It is basically a character inside a metal suit you control, flying, zooming and running around at

crazy speeds completing missions and contracts. I am not myself at that moment. At that moment, I am a Freelancer fighting bad guys or trying to locate trapped ally’s.

img_1313The other game I play is called Ark: Survival Evolved. This game I enjoy because I am with my husband and my friends, raising dino’s and fighting enemies together. Sometimes I do spend money on said game. As long as it is keeping me from diving into my brain, I am 100% okay with that.

Again, I say it may not be healthy to play all day, but it is definitely not healthy to want to hit your head on a wall for peace of mind. I mean, would you take the hitting of your head on a wall or would you rather play games? Simple choice to me. Guess….. Yep! You guessed correctly. Hitting my head on a wall is way better. img_1312

I am joking!! Well, anyway, Ark is a great coping skill for me and 90% will be always. I put 90% becasue who knows, maybe I find a better game? Joking again! Get out of here scrub. 

Thanks for Reading,

Jasmyn ❤

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