Silence is Golden

Shhh Be Quiet.

Turn off the light, close the door, sit and don’t move. Do you hear that? Silence…

Tell me what it sounds like. Explain to me what it sounds like. Peaceful? Empty? Quiet? Scary? Amusing? I want to know what it sounds like. I strive to have a brief moment of hearing absolutely nothing.

The following is what disrupts this silence from my experiences:


With the lack of silence, it has brought on my lack of independence. Now, I have to be dependent on medication. I have to be dependent on my doctors to give me what’s best. I no longer get to trust in myself; instead I now trust in medications that man made.

“Independence is happiness.” – Susan B. Anthony

I struggle with my happiness because of this. When I see things like this, my brain goes “Yes! Independence! I’m an adult! In your face! I’m independent!”. When I calm down from that manic high period, I realize I’m also a liar. A liar to myself.

“You can do it…But you can’t do it alone.” —- World Community Mental Health Movement

I don’t want to take meds to hear the silence, but I can’t do it alone. I have learned IT IS OKAY to ask for help. Because YOU took the step to do so. YOU reached out to your doctor. YOU were brave enough to get over your fear of losing your independence and that is what is going to push you into the end zone.

You can do it. Just not alone. You got this. Ask for help.


Jasmyn ❤

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