What to say, When to say it

Speaking to someone with a mental illness can be difficult sometimes.

Difficult in the sense that you are litterally walking on eggshells. In my case with my Pschizo-effective, I can literally snap at any point in time from any random comment. In fact, I have done this already WAY too many times to count.

I am going to list the WORST things to say during one of those snaps

Calm down!

Calm down is the worst and the last thing I need to hear when I am experiencing a panic attack. If I could just “Calm down”, believe me, I would love to. By telling me to calm down, you are making me feel 100% worse. Why? It just enforces the pressing insecurity that I have mental illness and It will never go away – which makes the panic attack WAY worse.

Just Relax and Breathe.

Personally, when I have a panic attack I absolutely start to feel like I cant breathe. I hyperventilate, I am not able to concentrate, I just truly cannot relax when my muscles feel like they are turning into solid stone.

Whats your issue?

My issue? MY ISSUE?! My issue is that I have something chemically wrong with my brain to cause me to snap at every little thing that disrupts how things should go in my head. If I cant find a shirt to match an outfit, I flip out. Not by choice. I would love to not flip out over not having a shirt.

Things like this can seriously mess up some self confidence. My self image, My self worth –  goes down everytime I hear this. It Hurts.


Here are some of the things you can say/do instead.

  1.  What can I help with?

  2. Distract them with something they enjoy doing.

  3. Hug them.

  4. Take them to iHOP. (That one is for you, babe.)


Things as simple as that will help rather than hinder.

Thanks for reading,

Jas ❤





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