Words of a Negative Nancy

He doesnt love me…

How can he love me….

I mean, look at me…How?


These are not the words I want to hear everytime he looks at me,  smiles at me, or even talks to me.

My inner Nancy does not want those things for me. She does not want me to feel loved she does not want me to feel wanted.


What is one thing we all know about nancy’s? We want them to mind their own fk’ing business. So woman up, man up, do what you gotta do, and tell that stupid negative nancy to shove it, and then go listen to LIZZO because she is the “Feeling yourself” Queen and you will feel empowered as hell.

p.s- this is not where i originally wanted to go with this post but I literally listened to a feel good song and now Im in the middle of a major mood swing so hell yeah!


— Jasmyn ❤

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