ESO, My new poison

Let me tell you why I am so madly in love with this game.


Here are 3 reasons ESO has won my heart and mind.


Numero Uno:

THE CUSTOMIZATION. When I am playing ANY game, customization is a MUST.  The fact that you can change your appearance to basically anything puts my mind into that world. Those negative ass voices dont say shit when I am creating an outfit from the gods.

Numero Dos:

THE COMPETITION.  I love competition. With the players who play the game, there is soooo much of it. If ESO didnt have a player community like it did, it would have died. This games PVP is so rage-able that it makes you feel amazing when you win.

Numero Tres:

ITS A MULTIPLAYER RPG. I love Multiplayer games, but I also love RPG games. The fact that this is BOTH makes my heart beat faster ❤ . On a real note, the fact it is multiplayer is what makes it what it is. FUN.


I would definitely recommend playing it. Time and time again.

Thanks for reading,

Jas ❤

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